The Cretu family: building more than a home

In the modest embrace of their Holboca commune apartment, the Cretu family finds joy in the simple things: the children’s daily tales from school, shared meals, and laughter. Andreea, a nurse, and Marius, a construction worker, have built a life that honors commitment and love.


Their home, though marked by the passage of time and persistent dampness, stands as a testament to their ability to face life’s adversities together. The mold, a stubborn opponent, is met with Marius’s efforts to protect the family’s health, particularly that of the youngest, Filip.


The Cretu family endures their daily challenges with grace. Financial burdens loom, yet Andreea and Marius work diligently. Their dedication is mirrored in their children’s passions—Denisa’s art, Eduard’s dedication to football, Stefania’s folk singing, and George’s drumming reflect a family that finds richness in life beyond material wealth.


This year, the family participated in Habitat for Humanity Romania’s Hope Build in Ţuțora commune, Iasi county. In just five days, the community came together to help the family realize their dream of a new home. Here, the family saw a tangible piece of their future taking shape, not just through the rising walls but also through the spirit of unity and support that volunteers from around the world brought. As these volunteers laid bricks and mixed cement, they were building more than houses—they were crafting foundations for new beginnings.

mother and son

Denisa, their 16-year-old daughter, is particularly moved by the outpouring of support. Her opportunity to volunteer alongside teams from diverse backgrounds is more than an act of service; it’s a learning experience, a way to be part of something larger that resonates with her family’s quiet persistence. The Hope Build represents the shared journey towards a home that embodies the stability and security the Cretus have always strived for.”