Habitat for Humanity Macedonia starts new EU funded project

The Roma community remains one of the most marginalized and disadvantaged groups in Macedonia. In 2007, Habitat Macedonia established the Roma Housing Fund, and since then we have developed different program activities devoted to the improving of the living conditions of the Roma.

Further projects included legalization of Roma housing, empowerment of the Roma in search of their housing rights, advocacy related to Roma housing issues etc. Thus, we are proud to announce the beginning of a new project that will continue our work & impact in the Roma community accomplished with our previous projects. Habitat Macedonia is officially starting with the implementation of “Developing sustainable models for Roma employability”.

The overall goal of the project is to contribute to sustainable integration of Roma into the labor market, improving their employability in the housing construction and energy efficiency sector. The project objective is to increase employment potentials of Roma providing suitable and market validated personal capacities (knowledge, skills motivation, empowerment), and facilitate access to the labor market. The projects targets the significant high level of unemployment that persists within the Roma community and with that, low living standards and related problems to poverty housing. The project will be funded by the European Union, under the IPA financing tool.