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Happy and healthy in a Habitat home

The moment their Habitat for Humanity home was completed, Gabriela, Valentin and their 2-year-old daughter, Evelina moved in – even though it was Christmas Eve. The young family was so excited to move in that they brought only a mattress and a Christmas tree with them on move-in day.

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“We were so excited to start the new year in our home”
— Gabriela

Gabriela and Valentin were leaving the overcrowded house they’d been sharing with Gabriela’s parents. Before that, the family rented a small apartment that had offered independence but was covered in mold. Evelina had been hospitalized due to allergies, and the only way they could warm the studio was by steel fireplace, which presented an additional danger to the toddler.

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The family reached out to the City of Berceni for assistance and learned that the city had donated land for Habitat Romania to build 12 affordable apartments and also provided free connection to all utilities to ensure that the families moving in would have access to basic services. Gabriela and Valentin were thrilled to learn they qualified for Habitat homeownership. Valentin works in construction; his supervisor and colleagues built alongside him and Gabriela.

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Christmas this year will be much different for the family. Evelina is healthy and thriving. They have a puppy and are expecting their second child. They’ve put down roots and have formed close relationships with neighbors, with whom they often share meals, something deeply important to Gabriela, who feels so blessed to live in her Habitat home. “We always have to share what we have with others,” Gabriela says.

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