independent women

in Kenya and Uganda

Every woman deserves the right to build her own house on her own land.

In Kenya and Uganda, as well as in many countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, this is not easily achievable. Gender inequality creates obstacles for many women who want to build their houses and earn an independent living.

Land rights are a foundation for a decent life. Watch our short videos about women, who have managed to overcome local customs and traditions and built their own simple and decent homes.


Jane and her house

Jane Mueni Paul from Kenya is working at the school canteen and runs her own business selling seeds. She took two affordable microloans and built her own house in 2016.

Jane took two loans to buy her land and build a house.

Jane quote: "The biggest benefit is that now I feel an independent woman. A woman who has her own home."


Joy and her business

Langton’s family from Uganda has taken a loan to buy their own land. Then, the family took a loan to build their house. Now, they have taken another load to develop their own small business. Joy Kafuuama, Langton’s wife, is getting ready to open her day-care school for top class, middle class, and baby class.

Langton and Joy discuss their loan repayments.

This work has been possible through the Building Assets, Unlocking Access project, implemented by Habitat’s Terwilliger Center for Innovation in Shelter in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation. The project has provided technical assistance to financial institutions in Kenya and Uganda to develop housing microfinance products. By July 2017, it has reached over 42,000 households and mobilized over US$ 33 million in capital to benefit over 210,000 individuals. 


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