Omar and his family

Home is the key to better health

For Omar and Angelina

“Seeing them happy is the best feeling we can have as parents,” Judith says of her two children, Omar and Angelina.

Judith and her husband, who is also named Omar, moved into their Habitat home in early 2017, and they’ve already noticed significant improvements in their children’s health and well-being.

Before they purchased their new home, Judith and Omar rented an apartment that was in poor shape. Their son developed allergy-related breathing problems because of mold, deteriorating walls and cigarette smoke from neighboring units. 

The neighborhood outside the home wasn’t a safe place to play, either.

Now Judith is happy that her family is building a stronger, more stable future through homeownership. 

Happy, healthy with a home

Her son’s health has improved now that they are in their Habitat home, and he is missing fewer school days. Both children are getting more sleep than they used to, and Judith believes that will improve their school performance.

“It’s really nice to finally have a new and safe environment for our children,” she says. “They like the fact that they have more space around. Now they can just be outside in the yard and just play in the dirt and get messy, but we know they’re in a safe zone. They can have a lot of memories in this house.”

Judith and Omar are teaching their children to enjoy and be thankful for their home, and to always work hard to achieve their goals. 

Now that they are in their own home, Judith plans to go back to school herself.

“This is the start of our dream,” Judith says. “For me, having this house means a lot, because I can provide something safer for our children, something more stable.”

Home is the Key

Now more than ever, we can see the security that a stable home provides. Join Habitat for Humanity as we help families in need of a decent place to live through our 2021 Home is the Key campaign.

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