Habitat Zambia: Stable and healthy homes

Access to clean water, secured land rights, the stability of sturdy and healthy homes — these are the successes families achieve when they partner with Habitat Zambia.

Together with Habitat, local governments and organizations, families are creating better lives for themselves and are tackling barriers to decent and affordable housing, from building clean water kiosks in their communities to securing proper legal documentation to ensure that they are able to remain in the homes they help build.

Residents empowering residents

Through Habitat’s Solid Ground global advocacy campaign, families in Zambia — particularly those headed by women — are learning and asserting their land rights.

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Promoting health in Zambian communities

Habitat’s definition of decent housing includes access to clean water, something more than 40% of Zambians don’t have. By partnering with Habitat Zambia, many communities can now access clean, treated water.

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Providing security for generations to come

Habitat Zambia builds home with member of vulnerable groups such as the elderly, people with disabilities, orphans and households headed up children. Lucy began raising her two younger brothers when she was in the seventh grade. Today, her family thrives in a Habitat house.

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