A women in her home smiling by the window.

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Our Habitat magazine illustrates the mission at the center of all our work – ensuring people in our communities and around the world can achieve the safety and stability of affordable homeownership.

We see neighborhoods build and rebuild and follow families as they transform their lives with decent, affordable housing.

We celebrate housing policy successes achieved by local Habitats, volunteers and communities through our advocacy efforts. Together, we continue to work to fight for equity in the housing sector and rectify the effects of the unjust housing policies that persist today. 

In every issue, the magazine captures the life-changing impact and incredible spirit of families, volunteers, advocates and partners – including you

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Habitat homeowner with kids
“I’m proud of the resiliency of this city”

May 2023 | Download (PDF)

Smiling woman waving and wearing traditional clothing
Home equals potential

Sept. 2023 | Download (PDF)

Little girl with pigtails jumping on bed
“We always have to share what we have with others”

Dec. 2023 | Download (PDF)

Two advocates in a crowd of several with blue signs that read "Cost of Home" outside the White House.
serve advocate support

May 2022 | Download (PDF)

A group of homeowners and volunteers standing on a street together.
Unlocking opportunity

Sept. 2022 | Download (PDF)

Family of four standing in front of home
Health, security, hope

Dec. 2022 | Download (PDF)

Building a brighter future

May 2021 | Download (PDF)

A brightly lit room with a light wood table as the focal point.
Habitat ReStores: 30 years of fantastic finds

Sept. 2021 | Download (PDF)

Jonathan and Drew Scott
Then and now: The Scott Brothers’ enduring love for Habitat

Dec. 2021 | Download (PDF) 

A little girl being measured against a wall by her mother.
Home is the key to hope beyond measure

May 2020 | Download (PDF)

Mom and daughter hugging in doorway of new home
Now more than ever

Sept. 2020 | Download (PDF)

Photo of smiling woman and child in front of sunny window
“The best gift I could ever give my kids”

Dec. 2020 | Download (PDF)

young girl looking out window.
All of us together

May 2019 | Download (PDF)

Joyce Kamavu of the Twapia neighborhood, is a Habitat Homeowner turned volunteer.
“We are making a difference”

Sept. 2019 | Download (PDF)

Homeowner Nusrat Zahan hugs Notre Dame student Emma Erwin in front of Zahan's home 2018 Habitat for Humanity Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project in St. Joseph County, Indiana,
kindness community empowerment joy respect generosity service

Dec. 2019 | Download (PDF)

Drew and Jonathan Scott working with Habitat
Honoring Our Habitat Humanitarians 2018

May 2018 | Download (PDF)

Woman in colorful head covering looking at camera with slight smile
Everyone deserves a decent place to live

Sept. 2018 | Download (PDF)

small child sitting in child-sized pink plastic chair in front of rustic wood wall
Open a door for every child

Dec. 2018 | Download (PDF)

compilation of photos of Habitat Humanitarians, L-R, Jimmy Carter, Rosalynn Carter, Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood
Honoring Our Habitat Humanitarians 2017

May 2017 | Download (PDF)

Volunteers at Habitat for Humanity’s annual AmeriCorps Build-a-Thon event in 2017
The urgency to serve

Sept. 2017 | Download (PDF)

young child in white dress
Helping families build back

Dec. 2017 | Download (PDF)

A little girl laughing outside her home with a lush green yard.
Habitat Magazine May 2016

May 2016 | Download (PDF)

A mother, father and young daughter smiling together outside.
Healthier, more financially stable lives

July 2016 | Download (PDF)

Three volunteers in blue shirts and hard hats smiling on a build site.
Habitat Magazine December 2016

Dec. 2016 | Download (PDF)

Keys in a door.
Keys to success

May 2015 | Download (PDF)

A little girl smiling and sitting outside her home.
A house my family helped build

Dec. 2015 | Download (PDF)

close up shot of hands carefully planting a seedling in dark soil
Hope is Growing

Sept. 2014 | Download (PDF)

Smiling girl in cowboy hat sitting in bedroom
Why We Build 2014

Dec. 2014 | Download (PDF)

Black and white photo of a mother swinging her daughter around.
Habitat World

May 2013 | Download (PDF)

Nepalese woman in black hijab and warm yellow shirt smiling
give receive build

Dec. 2013 | Download (PDF)

Volunteer hammering framing on house
Faith Hope Love

Sept. 2012 | Download (PDF)

young girl with beads in hair smiling at camera
Why We Build 2012

Dec. 2012 | Download (PDF)