Child's drawing of family celebrating Christmas

Hand-drawn holidays at home

From around the world, children share what their Habitat for Humanity homes mean to them through hand-drawn illustrations of celebrating their favorite holidays.

Josué, age 13, Nicaragua, draws himself celebrating Mother’s Day at home. “It is the day I get to share with my mom.” 

Katherine, age 10, Argentina, draws her family celebrating Christmas in their Habitat home. 

Pricilla, age 12, Argentina, draws the Easter bunny in honor of her favorite holiday to celebrate in her Habitat home. 

Joselyn, age 11, Guatemala, draws her family celebrating Christmas in their Habitat home. 

Juan, age 11, Mexico, draws his family decorating for Christmas in their Habitat home. “During Christmas we decorate the house with lights, and I like it because I play there all the time.” 

Fernanda, age 10, Mexico, draws how her family decorates their Habitat home for Christmas. “I like my house during Christmas very much because we get to decorate the patio with white stones. We build an altar and we make a fire at night and the whole family is together,” says Fernanda. 

Yessina, age 10, Mexico, draws her family celebrating Christmas around the tree in their Habitat home. 

Zerah, age 8, Philippines, draws her family celebrating around the Christmas tree in their Habitat home. 

Davinson, age 13, Kenya, draws his family celebrating his birthday with cake in their Habitat home. “My favorite day is my birthday,” says Davinson. 

Edward, age 5, Nicaragua, draws his Habitat home decorated to celebrate Mother’s Day.