Travel accident and sickness insurance coverage

A portion of your program donation established by Habitat for Humanity covers the cost of travel accident and sickness insurance.

By paying your program donation, you will be enrolled in the travel accident and sickness insurance, covering medical costs arising from accidents, illnesses and accidental loss of life, limb, sight, speech or hearing while participating in volunteer activities sponsored and supervised by Habitat for Humanity. For international program participants, the policy also covers certain evacuations due to medical, weather or security emergencies. For domestic program participants (at least 100 miles from their primary residence), this policy also covers certain evacuations due to medical emergencies. This mandatory insurance coverage is designed to protect Global Village and Habitat and Thrivent Worldwide program volunteers and is part of Habitat for Humanity International’s comprehensive risk management system.

This plan of insurance is underwritten by CV Starr Insurance Company. This page is a brief description of benefits available under the insurance plan. It is not a contract of insurance. The terms and conditions of coverage are set forth in the policy on file with Habitat for Humanity International under policy number BTAI 273770.

Coverage for volunteers

These brochures provide a brief outline of the coverage and services available to you, including period of coverage, description of benefits, exclusions, claim procedures and contact information. These services are not guaranteed benefits. Reimbursement for any service expenses is limited to the terms and conditions of the policy under which you are insured. You may be required to pay for services not covered.

CV Starr’s travel assistance provider, World Travel Protection, may provide services to you including medical, personal, travel and/or security assistance. Travel assistance services are only available when your coverage under the insurance policy is in effect. The travel assistance summary above provides a description of the services offered by World Travel Protection. As mentioned above, certain assistance is offered only for international travels.

World Travel Protection makes every effort to refer you to appropriate medical and other service providers. It is not responsible for the quality or results of service provided by independent providers. In all cases, the medical provider, facility, legal counsel or other professional service provider suggested by World Travel Protection is not an employee or agent of World Travel Protection, and the choice of provider is yours alone. World Travel Protection assumes no liability for the services provided to you under this arrangement, nor is it liable for any negligence or other wrongful acts or omissions of any of the legal or health care professionals providing services to you.