innovative housing solutions in Kenya

How do we tackle the 2 million housing unit deficit in Kenya? We need to empower poor communities to enter the housing market. ShelterTech Accelerator aims to introduce affordable housing products for low-income individuals. They will then be able to build decent homes for themselves and their families. 

If you consider the significant quantity of units that need to be built in a short period of time, it is clear that new ways of dealing with the problem will be required. Habitat for Humanity’s ShelterTech Accelerator in Kenya looks at the situation as an opportunity to invent new affordable housing solutions that could speed up the process.


Why Kenya?

Kenya has the fastest-growing startup scene in the East African region, so, if you are looking for a space where new ideas can grow, it is Kenya. A great number of innovators have applied for grants from the ShelterTech Accelrator to support their housing solutions with social impact. ShelterTech Accelerator selects the best housing innovations and supports the ideas through mentoring and grants.


Innovation supported by ShelterTech Accelerator

Nzambi Matee feels that she needs to use her skills from natural science to make a difference. She started a business that is “using one problem to solve another problem.” Her company Gjenge Makers is turning plastic waste into alternative building products.

Nzambi Matee, the founder of Gjenge Makers, is talking about her innovative idea how to impact the housing sector in Kenya. She is converting plastic waste pollution into alternative building products.