Amanda and her family

Meet Amanda

Amanda grew up in East Nashville, where her mother worked two jobs to provide for her family. Now Amanda has three children of her own: Sanaya and Ashari, ages 6 and 10, and 15-year-old Rodney.

As her family has grown, Amanda’s current rental apartment has become overcrowded. She looks forward to a home of their very own in a safer neighborhood.

“Being a homeowner will change my life because it’s something that I always dreamed of,” says Amanda. “I wanted to purchase a home just for the sense of security for my children.”

As Amanda builds her Habitat home this April, she will work alongside Habitat Humanitarian Drew Scott. 

“I think it’s going to be awesome, working with the Scott Brothers,” she says. “They’ll be able to learn stuff about me, and I’ll be able to learn more about them, so I’m excited about that.”

Amanda's team

What excites her the most, however, is thinking about what happens after the build.

“Just being able to open that door, the first day. I’m just going to go in the living room and just sit there and observe and be like, ‘OK, it’s really real.’”

Nashville resident Amanda will build her home with Habitat for Humanity of Greather Nashville and Drew Scott of the Scott Brothers.

Home is the Key

Habitat Humanitarians Jonathan and Drew Scott join our nationwide Home is the Key campaign along with sponsors and community leaders to unlock futures and change lives.

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