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Spring cleaning tips for your home

Home is the Key partner O-Cedar believes everyone should have a decent place to live. Check out these spring cleaning tips and solutions that can work for anyone!

Make at-home solutions

  • For an easy, chemical-free cleaning solution, mix three drops of dishwashing liquid into a solution made of one-third white distilled vinegar, one-third alcohol and one-third water. Spray sparingly and mop for a fast cleanup.
  • Rub a freshly cut lemon around the sink to cut through any grease and make it easier to clean.
  • When cleaning linoleum floors, simply add half a cup of white vinegar to the water in your bucket and mop as you normally would. If there’s a vinegar smell when you’re done, don't worry! The odor should go away shortly after the floor dries.
A family cleans their home.

Make cleaning fun

  • Turn cleaning into a game of beat-the-clock. As you enter a room to clean, guess how long it will take you to clean it, then set the timer for that amount. Race to beat the ding! Use any extra time for a break or get a jump on the next room.
  • Splurge on cleaning tools and supplies that make you happy. Choose yummy-smelling cleaners, or invest in good quality supplies. 
  • Just add music: Try a playlist of your upbeat favorites, a fresh new download or an audio book or podcast so engrossing you could forget you’re cleaning.

Home is the Key

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