Infographic that reads: 100+ startups supported; 5 continents; 1 platform.

ShelterTech portfolio

Since launching in 2017, ShelterTech has supported over 70 startups on four continents. Our portfolio reflects the diversity and scale of opportunities across the affordable housing sector.

HydroIQ logo

HydroIQ’s virtual water network operator provides a water intelligence platform for homes, businesses and industries to monitor, manage, report, bill and pay for water in a simple, easy and transparent way using open banking and mobile-money payments.


H28 provides an alternative credit scoring algorithm that connect traditional financial institutions to middle-income earners and informal workers for long-term finance, especially for housing.


Kubik’s innovation removes plastic waste from landfills and eliminate the need for cement, bricks, rebar or any other kind of reinforced steel structure. The product addresses the need for affordable housing in the region, while also recycling 45 tons of plastic every day and providing employment to around 200 women.


Lumkani’s fire detector and system for houses and small businesses utilizes heat detection technology. A sensor measures the incidence of harmful fires and alert families inside informal settlements, using the rate-of rise of temperature technology. Its built-in transmission technology connects each device within a 60-meter radius, creating a community-wide response to the danger of fires.

Majik Water
Majik Water

Majik Water harvests drinking water from the air for off-grid communities, starting in rural Kenya. Majik Water machines are operated using a PayGo model with deployments in Kenya and South Africa. The systems also incorporate IoT remote monitoring and mobile payments.

Nyumba Mkononi
Nyumba Mkononi

Nyumba Mkononi helps prospective homeowners tackle the challenges of building, from planning to actual construction. Their blockchain technology connects prospective homeowners to construction material suppliers, enabling them to buy construction materials in small quantities from their mobile phones.


Reeddi provides clean, reliable, and affordable electricity to households and businesses operating in the energy-poor regions. It saves users more than 30% of their energy expenses, while also allowing them to consume energy anytime and anywhere effectively and efficiently.

Sikadan Homes
Sikadan Homes

With Sikadan Homes “Smart Rent” innovation, low-income households will have the fiscal space to buy land and put themselves on the pathway to owning their homes. It empowers low-income households to afford decent accommodation of their choice without stress and extra cost.

Start Somewhere
Start Somewhere

Start Somewhere focuses on sustainably transforming the living conditions of people in vulnerable situations in the Global South. They invented a new construction method with interlocking hollow concrete “TwistBlocks” specifically for the requirements in informal settlements.


Sugar provides home insurance for building structures and household contents, including shack homes. They use technology to identify the insured property, provide it with a unique address, estimate its replacement value and issue out a policy to cover it accordingly. They tap a market still unexplored by traditional insurance companies.

Casa para Ensamblar logo.
Casa para Ensamblar

Casa para Ensamblar offers an immediate, durable and economical shelter solution for low-income families who do not have access to decent housing. Their patented, DIY “Assembling House” constructions are made from a unique material that is light, strong and does not require additional maintenance after installation. 

Common Element logo.
Common Element

Common Element offers a water purification system that provides potable and non-potable water to rural communities and municipalities. The patented system extracts water from the air and purifies it for areas where supply is scarce.

Ecolam logo.

Ecolam manufactures bioclimatic sheets that are used in the construction of roofs and walls for homes. Made from recycled industrial materials, Ecolam’s product is an affordable, green construction alternative. 

Energryn logo.

Energyn manufactures and distributes SOLESYTO, a hybrid solar and electric water heater that costs the same as a gas-heater. The heater system is already patented. 

Gaialab logo.

GaiaLab’s objective is to facilitate the transition towards a regenerative economy by designing strategies for the public, private and social sectors; eco-technologies and products that regenerate the environment; and educational pilot projects. 

Graviti logo.

Graviti offers access to solar heaters, rainwater collectors and household appliances through a prepaid system that allows access for everyone, regardless of whether they have a credit card. 

Habvita logo.

Hábvita offers a comprehensive housing solution for families at the base of the pyramid, covering the design, construction and financing of their home. 

Indigo Impacto logo.
Indigo Impacto

Indigo Impacto manufactures and distributes Mesita Azul, a water purification system specially designed for rural communities without access to potable water. Its distribution model enables women in the community to become franchisees and distributors of the product, so they can start their own business. 

Ion AG+ logo.
Ion AG+

Ion AG+ designs and builds comprehensive water supply solutions to meet the consumption needs of rural communities. Its main clients are governments and organizations that seek to supply water to rural communities that are not connected to the public water system. 

Consolida logo.

Consolida works on the design and construction of small, standardized condominiums with high standards of construction, thermal and environmental efficiency. Their work supports the regeneration of the pericentral neighborhoods in Chile. 

Fika logo.

Fika offers a digital experience to help people save for their down payment to buy property. Through a customized saving and investment plan, Fika keeps the customer motivated and connected with real estate options in the market. 

Bhauss logo.
Flash Designs by Bhauss

Flash Designs by Bhauss is a digital platform that seeks to democratize architecture and specializes in collaborative architectural design challenges. Users launch a project challenge on the Flash Designs platform and receive proposals from registered architects whose strengths align to the project needs.


FORTTECH is a technology-based company that offers professional and affordable consulting through augmented reality and virtual technology tools. Its WIIF application efficiently connects clients with consultants, designers and builders. 

HOBE logo.

HOBE developed a mobile modular shelter for emergencies and people experiencing homelessness with cabins that are mobile, easily sanitized, private and comfortable. The team seeks to help healthcare workers fight the spread of COVID-19.

Litro de Luz logo.
Litro de Luz

Litro de Luz promotes the development and inclusion of communities through three products: ELISA, a solar pole built from plastic bottles, solar panels, and a battery; ELIoT, an intelligent solar pole designed with the highest standards of the LED industry; and LIFE, a light and internet service. 

Mutuo logo.

Mutuo seeks to positively influence self-built housing sector in Peru through collective integration with architect communities. They offer a technical assistance platform and financial planification to improve the living conditions of this overlooked sector. 

Soluna Energía text logo.
Soluna Energía

Soluna Energía facilitates access to clean energy in rural Columbia through solar energy solutions, replacing inefficient options and thus reducing CO2 emissions.


TecnoClay logo.

TechnoClay promotes affordable construction techniques with natural construction materials such as soil, wood and vegetable fibers. Their products are locally produced with a low carbon footprint and are recyclable or biodegradable.

Terraformaciones logo.

Terrofomaciones manufactures an ecological brick based on stabilized soil and cement. Their product, which costs less than ceramic bricks, is environmentally friendly and earthquake resistant. 

Tierra Grata logo.
Tierra Grata

Tierra Grata has intervened in ten communities to date, installing more than 200 low-cost, easy-to-install social technologies related to energy, water and sanitation, which improve quality of life in rural areas.

uHomie logo.

uHomie was founded in 2019 as a marketplace for landlords and tenants, enabling faster, cheaper and more efficient rental processes for both parties. Its digital leasing process is easy and safe, minimizing rental complexity through smartphone use.

XPD Group text logo.
XPD Group

XPD Group enables the production of construction panels and blocks using PET bottles, which are heated in a traditional stove and blown into the company’s Boblock mold. This system helps improve the quality and cost of self-constructed homes and also encourages the collection of plastics, which benefits the environment.

Zilper Trenchless logo.
Zilper Trenchless

Zilper Trenchless improves access to water and sanitation services by develops technology to install pipes without the need to dig a trench. Its trenchless machinery solution is designed to work in most soil conditions, without significant investment in downhole tools or cutting heads. 

Ahome Fundi logo.

A-Home certifies trained artisans to enable them to work in the construction industry, for both placement and organized construction roles.

ArchiDATUM logo.

ArchiDATUM creates awareness about architecture in Africa. The company partners with stakeholders in the building industry, with a common goal of objectively informing the world about architecture in Africa.

Bluewave logo.

Bluewave Insurance wants to ensure more people are covered with insurance, with the help of mobile technology already prevalent in the Kenyan and East African markets. 


BURN aims to save lives and forests through the design, manufacturing and distribution of clean-burning cook stoves across sub-Saharan Africa to the 2 billion people who will inhabit the region by 2050.

Earth Enable

EarthEnable is committed to eliminating dirt floors with cheap, easy-to-install, sanitary flooring that can improve the health of low-income families in parts of East Africa, one of the world’s poorest locations. It has successfully installed flooring made of clay earth, sand, gravel, fiber and plant oil in Rwandan and Ugandan homes for 75% cheaper than traditional concrete.

eJenzi logo.

EJenzi provides a convenient platform for homeowners and builders to easily purchase, sell or get comparative prices for construction products. The company’s vision is to simplify the home improvement industry and give power back to homeowners and buyers through greater choices.

Fingerprint Capital logo.
Fingerprint Capital

Fingerprint Capital Investment is a professional project management consultancy delivering specialist services throughout Kenya. Key disciplines include: program management, procurement, strategic consulting, developments, property planning, building and property consulting, and real estate consulting.

Fundi Chap Chap text logo.
Fundi Chap Chap

Fundi Chap Chap is a platform helping artisans realize their potential, create jobs, improve livelihoods and assist them into the modern market economy. The startup leverages community skills, knowledge, creativity and assets to enable artisans to access customers.

Fundislink logo.

Fundislink is a marketplace platform, helping customers to find painters, car mechanics, computer technicians, welders, guards, plumbers, electricians carpenters and house-help.

FundiTech text logo.

FundiTech is a cooperative that brings together professionals from fundis and technicians in the building and construction industry in Kenya. The cooperative acts as a quality workmanship assurance between professionals, clients, contractors and stakeholders, such as policymakers, manufacturers, real estate, developers, financial institutions and others.

Gjenge text logo.

Gjenge s a social enterprise recycling waste plastic into strong and artistic construction products including paving bricks, paving tiles, hatches and manhole covers. The startup’s vision is to provide sustainable and affordable alternative building materials whilst creating job opportunities for youth and women, and to promote a recycling and upcycling culture in Kenya and Africa.

Green Pavers text logo.
Green Pavers

Green Pavers have developed an innovative Styro-Plastic Densifier, which turns plastic waste littering the streets into durable and affordable building materials 

Greenhub logo.

Greenhub is a sustainable design firm committed to solutions that minimize our negative effects on the environment. Established in 2016, the firm has been able to transform its clients’ outlook on sustainable construction, saving them more than 10KW of energy, 1000 liters of water and cutting down carbon emissions by up to 30%.

iBuild Global
iBUILD Global

iBUILD Global, a fintech and analytics company, aims to address the challenges of fraud, graft, supply theft and transparency in the housing market by creating financial transparency across the shared ecosystem of funding sources, governments and international agencies. Its app is aimed at improving resource deployment and unleashing latent building capital by moving investors off the sidelines.

iBuild Home Loans
iBUILD Home Loans

iBUILD Home Loans is currently the only South African mortgage provider to target excluded households by offering mortgage loans to construct “separate entrance rooms.” Upon completion, these rooms are rented out to cover the mortgage costs. This new construction typically also generates rental income for the family, while increasing the availability of affordable housing within their community.

Kafum Engineering text logo.
Kafum Engineering

Kafum Engineering services is a leading manufacturer and dealer of construction machinery, equipment and molds in Kenya. 

KodiPoint logo.

KodiPoint Limited enables landlords serving mid- to low-income populations to access development loans at minimal cost, through alternative forms of collateral.

Kuza Biashara logo.
Kuza Biashara

Kuza Biashara is an award-winning social enterprise working with everyone on the front line – growing food, making wares and risking their lives – to secure our shared future. The company empowers communities to learn, connect and grow to scale on their own terms.

Mali Kodi text logo.
Mali Kodi

Mali Kodi is a cloud-based system that makes it easy for landlords to manage their rental properties. It automates payment reconciliation, property and tenant statements, and lease expiry, with the added ability to provide tenants with credit facilities for rent and utilities. Users can pay and collect rent online, reconcile offline payments, communicate, upload pictures and manage maintenance requests.

ManPro logo.

ManPro Systems Ltd is an award-winning provider of digital solutions for the construction industry across Africa. Their goal is to bring down construction costs using customized, affordable and easy-to-use digital tools.

Mega Gas text logo.
Mega Gas

Mega Gas produces clean and affordable cooking gas for low-income families. Through an innovative recycling process that produces no pollution, emissions or residue, the company converts plastic waste to clean gaseous fuel that is both sustainable and affordable.


Meridia provides digital land documentation using an innovative mobile platform coupled with geospatial technology and a social approach to provide legal, verifiable land documentation in East Africa, West Africa and Indonesia.

MycoTile logo.

MycoTile is a construction material enterprise, bringing circularity to the production of wall and roofing materials. Their product is manufactured with locally sourced agricultural waste and mushroom mycelium to produce affordable, durable and fire-resistant construction products. 

Orkidstudio text logo.

Orkidstudio creates high quality, healthy and dignified buildings through an exceptional end-to-end design and construction process, using local materials and promoting opportunities for women. Their unique design and construction services bring a new approach to healthier, more dignified and human-centered architecture.

PesaGuide text logo.

PesaGuide is Africa’s first platform for customer reviews of financial services. Their mission is to give the customer a voice and to help Kenyans find the right bank, mobile lender or Savings and Credit Cooperative for them.

Plan Smart Properties text logo.
Plan Smart Properties

Plan Smart Properties provides affordable services in purchase, sale and construction. Among their services, the startup offers value-added land by acquiring all permits and titles, ensuring it has no encumbrances and sub-dividing it before sale.

Sunraserg Energy Experts logo.
Sunraserg Energy

Sunraserg Energy offers a range of affordable, green solar energy solutions. The company focuses on innovation and high-quality eco-friendly products designed and engineered in Kenya by Kenyans.

Tree_Sea.mals logo.

Tree_Sea.mals is an eco-based organization that develops renewable energy solutions for African service markets. The company links communal markets, agribusiness processors and cold chain stakeholders with low-cost, solar-powered cooling solutions.

Usafi Sanitation text logo.
Usafi Sanitation

Usafi Sanitation brings elegantly designed, affordable and innovative sanitation solutions to people who have no access to sewer systems. The startup works with schools and institutions, resorts, lodges, outdoor event organizers, construction sites, camping sites and NGOs in disaster sanitation management.

The VLage logo.
The Vlage

The Vlage is a PropTech company that provides decent and affordable co-living accommodation to low-income youth starting employment in urban centers across Africa. The Vlage also eases access to home ownership for low-income earners and entry-level professionals.

Affordable Abodes logo.
 Affordable Abodes

Affordable Abodes manufactures bio-composite building materials to build high-quality, low-cost housing. Their circular economy model ensures a positive impact at each step in the value chain.

Billion Bricks logo.
Billion Bricks

Billion Bricks uses design and technology to reimagine housing. The social enterprise provides high-quality, sustainable housing solutions for the poor, including thermal insulated tents and partially prefabricated solar homes. 

CUBO logo.
CUBO Modular

CUBO Modular makes sustainable, affordable and dignified housing by designing and manufacturing modular, engineered bamboo house kits. Their product is inspired by Philippines’ native bahay kubo, a hut-like structure found in rural areas across the country.

ECOSTP logo.

ECOSTP developed an affordable, self-sustainable system that can treat millions of liters of sewage water per day. The system’s biomimicry design uses anaerobic bacteria to purify water through underground chambers. 

Favo Robotics
Favo Robotics

Favo Robotics makes construction automation accessible by providing solutions to the construction industry which increase productivity and reduce construction costs. Its compactness and innovative design to work in rough construction environments makes it scalable for midsize, multi-story construction projects across the world. 

Gradana logo.

Gradana Indonesia is a fintech peer-to-peer lending platform that focuses on property-related financing. The startup targets first-home buyers who have difficulty with costs and savings by making property more accessible and affordable.

Kaushal Bhaav logo.
Kaushal Bhaav

Kaushal Bhaav improves traditional building practices, such as lime-based construction, to develop ultra-cost-effective, zero carbon homes by integrating community infrastructure with skills training.

Modulus logo.

Modulus provides foldable houses that can be setup quickly and reused. Building on this technology, Modulus developed mediCAB, a plug-and-play ‘hospital-in-box’ solution that includes an isolation ward, screening center and an intensive care unit, and can be set up in two hours. 

My Dream Home logo.
My Dream Home

My Dream Home is a social enterprise addressing Cambodia’s shelter shortage through the production of affordable, environmentally friendly and easy-to-construct interlocking bricks made of waste materials and abandoned soil purchased from local farmers. 

Navanc Datasciences

Navanc is a fintech startup which aims to become India’s first property credit bureau. Navanc aims to create lifetime value for assets by helping end owners leverage them for availing financial credit access. Navanc will help customers in the low- and middle-income segments, especially in the rural and semi-urban areas, to avail mortgage-based credit.

Nay Yar logo.
Nay Yar

Nay Yar provides accessible housing options for renters with affordable monthly payments. Targeting people who have little or moderate income, the company groups tenants together to offer affordable rental loans. 

OCEO logo

OCEO built the first of its kind smart water-as-a-service purifier, with a pay-as-you-use model. The purifier is equipped with IoT sensors that track water quality and filter conditions.

Pounamu logo

Pounamu focuses on sustainable bamboo forestry, treatment, design and construction. The company trains communities in growing and harvesting bamboo as a sustainable construction material, creating new job opportunities.

QwikSpec logo.

QwikSpec is a construction site operations and analytics platform. Its online app gathers data from various stakeholders on the project site, furnishing insights that lower costs, save time and exponentially improve quality. 

ReMaterials logo.

ReMaterials uses its proprietary technology to make modular roofing panels that are affordable, eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

Saltech logo.

Saltech helps extract the maximum value from recovered waste materials by recycling it into composite building materials. Its Recycler paver blocks are made from mixed plastic and industrial waste, with superior properties than cement concrete.

Sampangan logo

Sampangan converts waste into useful materials through their “Magic Box,” which uses carbonized technology to decompose waste via heat radiation. Waste goes in, activated carbon and other organic and safe products come out. 

Social Light logo.
Social Light

Social Light’s Wi-Fi monetization platform, Vayafi, incentivizes internet service providers to provide services to low-income communities, which are often overlooked due to their inability to pay monthly subscription fees. 

TapEffect logo.

TapEffect implements and operates piped water systems in Cambodia’s rural, hard-to-reach areas, minimizing costs and supporting limited on-site capacities with appropriate technologies and technical assistance. 

Tvasta logo.

Tvasta uses 3D printing to automate construction processes and make housing more affordable. The startup recently built its first fully 3D-printed pilot house, using its own machinery, software and concrete technology.

Success stories

Young Champions of the Earth: turning plastics into paving in Kenya

ShelterTech Kenya alumnus Nzambi Mattee, founder of Gjenge Makers Ltd, was one of seven innovators recognized as the United Nations Environmental Programme’s Young Champions of the Earth for 2020. Gjenge Makers turns plastic waste into durable housing construction materials, including driveway pavers, while creating youth employment opportunities. 

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India's first 3D-printed home offers affordable housing 'solution'

India’s Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman inaugurated what is considered by many to be India’s first 3D-printed home. Built by ShelterTech alumnus Tvasta Manufacturing Solution, with support from Habitat’s Terwilliger Center for Innovation in Shelter, the 600-square-foot home required a fraction of the time and materials needed for traditional construction methods. 

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Graviti secures $2.5M in seed funding

ShelterTech Mexico alumnus Graviti raised a US$2.5 million seed round led by Active Capital. The company’s platform enables low-income customers who are underserved by the traditional banking system to buy basic household appliances, such as water heaters and washing machines, and pay in installments without late fees.  

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“ShelterTech accelerator was a game changer for us. [The platform] mentors entrepreneurs who are mission-aligned and have a passion to create enduring, built-to-last companies.”
— Tharun Kumar, co-founder and CEO, EcoSTP
“When ECOLAM was invited to the program we were in a very early stage [of the business]. It was vital for us to participate in the accelerator to expand our vision. Thanks to mentors and peers we were able to develop a horizontal strategy for the company to scale up vertically. We evolved our business model to promote social and environmental impact.”
— Mauricio Enriquez, co-founder and CEO, Ecolam
“ShelterTech is one of the very few accelerators that has been designed with [housing] construction tech at its core. Handled by the experts in the field,[ShelterTech is] a complete package for any startup in the sector or aspiring to be in this sector.”
— Shreeram Ravichandran, co-founder and CEO, Modulus Housing
“I believe that the program, and without a doubt its funding, add a lot of value. But the biggest benefit comes from the collaboration and interactions with the participating companies.”
— Yusef Jacobs, co-founder and CEO, Graviti 
“A piece of advice for other startups would be to take advantage of possible synergies and opportunities to interact with other cohort participants. Beyond winning the money granted, that was the greatest price the accelerator programs provided.”
— Andres Muñoz, CEO and co-founder, Energryn