A family stands in front of their Habitat house.

Together, we build better lives

A decent home provides the strength, stability and independence that families need, and Habitat for Humanity’s vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

Habitat homeowners pay an affordable mortgage, receive financial education and help build their homes alongside volunteers.

Your financial support will help families continue building with Habitat in your community and around the world.

A sound investment in a family’s future

Habitat for Humanity builds much more than houses. Together, we’re helping families build:


After Hurricane Sandy destroyed her home in 2012, Barbara was able to build back stronger with the help of Habitat Monmouth.

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Samantha is 13 years old and has lived in 13 different places. This last one, she says, is going to stick. “I know I am not going anywhere. And that feels good.”

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Habitat’s financial education classes not only helped Ronessa budget for Habitat’s affordable mortgage payments, she also used those new skills to launch her own successful business.

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Empowering families to help themselves

Habitat for Humanity is a partnership, not a giveaway program—Habitat’s homeowner families buy the houses that Habitat builds and renovates. Habitat homeowners also invest hundreds of hours of their own labor working alongside volunteers. As a result, Habitat for Humanity houses are affordable to low-income families around the world.

In fiscal year 2023, Habitat directly helped over 13.4 million people secure decent, affordable housing, and an additional 9.5 million people now have the potential to improve their housing conditions through a range of indirect services. Our annual report provides full details.

Thanks to your financial support, Habitat for Humanity is building and renovating decent, affordable housing in all 50 U.S. states and more than 70 other countries.

Housing provides a strong foundation

A decent, safe and affordable place to live transforms a family’s life in other key ways as well, including:

  • Health: “My daughter has asthma,” explains Mario.  But since moving out of a dusty apartment and into their new Habitat house, “she hasn’t used her asthma pump once. I don’t even think she needs it any more.”
  • Child development: Gabe and Sylvia’s Habitat house is designed to accommodate their son Oscar’s disabilities.  “Owning this home will allow both Oscar and Lucy to have the quality of life they deserve,” Sylvia explains.
  • Financial freedom: A statewide survey of Habitat homeowners in Minnesota reveals more savings and more confidence that college is in reach. 
  • Community strength: “As the neighborhood grew, we came to understand what being accepted felt like,” says Cathy. “We are very different families, but we all come together to help each other.”

Every gift makes a difference

You’re helping families that lack decent, affordable housing to build the strength, stability and self-reliance they need.