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Aging in Place impact

Older adults share stories of Habitat's impact on their lives

By partnering with Habitat’s Aging in Place program, older adults across the U.S. are able to access the resources they need to age in their homes, while maintaining both their independence and quality of life.

Habitat helps older adults with home repairs and modifications specific to each homeowner’s lifestyle, ensuring their home is safe, secure and accessible. In addition to this work, we partner with local health care professionals and community services so older adults can get the holistic care they need to stay in the homes and communities they care about.

The results are happier, healthier older adults. Take a look at data in our CAPABLE report and read some of the stories on how we have transformed aging for many older adults.

You can help more older adults age in place

By supporting Habitat, you can help more older adults age in place.

Impact report

Habitat and the CAPABLE model

As part of our innovative Aging in Place strategies, Habitat for Humanity implemented the CAPABLE model across five Habitat affiliates. This model is an evidence-based approach developed by researchers from Johns Hopkins University to help holistically address older adults’ needs.

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Featured stories

Accessible upgrades for aging homeowners

Through our Aging in Place program, Habitat aims to help older adults make the upgrades and repairs necessary to ensure their homes are accessible and safe to continue living in as they age. These stories exemplify our work to provide these accessible accommodations across the U.S.

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Aging in place in the Peach State

Home provides a strong sense of security and comfort — this is especially true for older adults. In Georgia alone, hundreds of homeowners across the state have partnered with their local Habitat to preserve their homes and their independence.

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Helping homeowners age in place

For Topeka Habitat, Habitat’s Aging in Place program has become a cornerstone of their work — just as the population the program serves continues to be a cornerstone of strength in the community.

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Helping a longtime resident age in place

The place Sheila called home for nearly 70 years had a leaky roof and an inaccessible bathroom, but she lacked the finances to pay for the repairs herself. Habitat and Lowe’s helped Sheila repair her roof and bathroom, ensuring she can comfortably live in her beloved childhood home.

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Neighbors build community through multifamily homes

Brenda and Heidi were both searching for healthy homes where they could pay an affordable mortgage, and they found them in Habitat Midland’s multifamily community. Now the two women live in sustainable homes built with the support of Habitat and DuPont where they can feel safe and secure.  

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Aging in place with peace of mind

“Taking a shower and having proper handrails in the tub. The handrail in the hallway for helping us steady ourselves,” Bryant says. “They’re little things, but they’re game-changers when you get older.”

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