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Discussion about urban development

On 23 May 2018, at the panel discussion Urban Development - Building Cities for All, we will talk about the impact of mass urbanization on cities, the importance of intelligent urban planning and innovative housing solutions.

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A need to step beyond technology

Cities are being transformed by digital technologies, smart applications, robots or driverless cars. But can smart technology also tackle mass urbanization and overcrowding?

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A house is a home

Habitat for Humanity and Somfy helped 200 families in Australia, Brazil, China, Lebanon, Poland, and the US to gain access to decent housing.

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Multimedia stories

Read about Habitat's work in Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

Who can rely on REELIH?

Residents across Central and Eastern Europe insulate their homes, cut individual energy bills and improve their building's grim exterior through the REELIH project funded by the USAID.

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A remarkable woman

Mamolelekeng is a remarkable woman. What makes her different? She's 82. And she's single-handedly raising five orphaned great grandchildren by herself.

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Roof over their heads

Sitting in her a cheerful garden full of watermelon, peppers, and herbs you would never know that Shamsikhon's life was ever any different.

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